Protect America vs Vivint: What Is The Best Home Security Company For Your Budget?


We really like Protect America because they offer a stress-free and straightforward home security experience. You don’t have to deal with pushy sales reps or frustrating customer service calls.

They have really awesome customer service and every time I call them, every time we interact with them, we’re really impressed. You get clear, upfront information, transparent pricing, and top-of-the-line equipment which you can install yourself and skip the installation fees that come with other companies that can cost upward of $200.

Protect America also allows you to control your system using your smartphone so you can do things like lock your doors, arm and disarm your system remotely, and even turn on lights or other appliances. My personal favorite add-on is the Skybell, which is a video doorbell camera that allows you to see who’s at the front door from your phone.

This allows you to see if a package has been delivered or if anybody else is trying to take that package. Protect America cellular monitoring starts at $34.99 per month.home-security-protection

Earlier this year Vivint rolled out several new policies and plans that make it a much more consumer-friendly company, including a no-contract option, a financing option, and better overall customer service policies. Vivint has been on our radar for a number of years due to its advanced technology, cutting-edge equipment, and amazing monitoring service. We recommend them to anyone who wants the best of the best and doesn’t mind paying just a little bit more for premium equipment. Vivint cellular monitoring starts at $39.99 which is more affordable than ever.

The best part about Vivint’s system is the fact that it’s easy to use. There are no cumbersome wires and an intuitive touchscreen panel allows you to control all of the equipment in your house.

You can also download an app on your phone so you can control your system even when you’re away from home. Although there are no wires, the system cannot be installed yourself. Instead, the system will need to be professionally installed. This can be a hassle if you have enough technical know-how to do it yourself but can be very helpful if you’re a bit technologically challenged. The company takes its product and customers seriously.

See here for a complete price comparison breakdown for Protect America vs Vivint home security systems.

Both Vivint and Protect America will help you protect your family and possessions. Choosing between these two systems basically boils down to your preference between “gadgets” vs “affordability.”