What Do Plumbers Do and How Much Do They Charge?


Plumbers are important, not just for residential homes, but commercial properties too. They can do more than just unclog drains and install new faucets such as home radiator installation to name another skill.

Whenever there is an emergency where you have a massive leak that requires urgent attention, a plumber is the professional that you will need to call. Not only will plumbers take care of emergencies – but a professional plumber can also ensure that your pipes, sink, water heater, and more are ready for use while standing up to typical wear and tear.

A professional plumber can also repair, install, and replace pieces of commercial-size water heating.

Moreover, they are able to properly determine issues that have occurred within large-scale piping running through the entirety of a building. Plumbers will make use of a very specific set of tools and supplies used in conjunction with a particular knowledge set.

In some cases, hiring a plumber might not be your cheapest option, but it will be your best, if not your only option. These professionals bring experience and knowledge to handle serious plumbing issues, something that might be challenging for even the most experienced DIYer.

How Much Do Plumbers Charge?

Typical plumbers can handle a variety of tasks and they also charge differently.  The cost of hiring a plumber is really going to depend on a few factors.

Firstly, who you hire will be the primary factor. Then it will depend on what job they need to complete, and how many hours they will need to complete the job. The lowest you can expect to pay for a plumber to come out to your premises will be no less than $100.


This should cover the service call fee, roughly 1-2 hours of labor as well as some minor parts replacement or repair. Most plumbing jobs, however, will cost more than this. You can expect to pay in the region of about $300 if you have made an appointment with a professional plumber to come out to your property for a job that takes a few hours to complete.

However, high-cost or emergency jobs could cost substantially more. You could expect to pay anywhere in the region for about $700. This should cover special supplies, specialized tools, and several hours (or more than a day) to complete.

Other Costs to Consider

The cost of hiring a plumber fee may also go up or down depending on if it’s a weekend or a holiday. When a plumber is required to come out during this time, the labor costs could drastically increase.

If you would like to avoid paying extra for labor and it’s not an emergency, try scheduling your job during normal office hours on normal working days. However, keep in mind that some jobs will require special parts, which may take a few days to order. Some jobs may also be more complicated than others, and plumbers might be required to return to your property a few times to complete the work.

Compare Quotes From Various Plumbers

The only way to figure out exactly how much a plumber will charge you is to compare several quotes from professionals in your area. Comparing quotes will not only get you a fair idea of what you should be paying, but you will also get a feel for the type of service you will be receiving.

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